Ronnie Kratsios, Treasurer


Upon graduating from Queens College, I was recruited by Chemical Bank to work in their Auditing Department. From there, I moved into the Capital Markets Group and was promoted to Assistant Vice President.

Once I became a mother, I decided to focus on my children and worked on a part-time basis as a Tax Consultant with GilmanCiocia. For more flexibility and creativity, I then started a small business making and selling hand-rolled bees wax candles to local specialty stores. Additionally, I always felt the importance of giving back. I volunteered for philanthropic work at my Church, St. Nicholas in Flushing,and the Manhasset Coalition Against Breast Cancer in my community. I spearheaded many events and fundraisers during that time.

Recently, I’ve had the great opportunity and pleasure to begin working for my son Peter, who is developing a website and golf app called Golfmatch, now available on both the iPhone and Android phones. Through social media, Golfmatch connects golfers based on multiple criteria, resulting in a positive golfing experience for those involved. Working for a tech-startup has been a huge learning and rewarding experience for me.

Throughout my career, I have looked for opportunities that fit the priorities in my life, my schedule, and my desire to learn new things. I am blessed to have a husband in Manny, who supports me and has helped me raise three beautiful children in Ariana(29), Peter (26) and Katherine (21), all of whom give me the greatest joy in life.